These books are a mixture of philosophy, evolutionary biology, sociology, psychology, and a little poetry. All of them will lean you towards kindness and happiness, some by giving scientific explanations of kindness that help you to believe in it more easily as natural and human, some by giving practicable processes you can follow to gradually re-wire your brain for happiness.

To me, the most important book I’ve ever read in it’s direct influence on my way of thinking and of seeing the world. Makes me joyously happy to read, very simple in style, some difficult ideas when they’re new but you’ll enjoy re-reading them.

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Is there such a thing as a truly altruistic act?

Is it kinder to tell a white lie and spare a friend’s feelings or to be honest and hurt them?
Who is kinder, a nurse who wouldn’t give you 20p for your bus fare home, or a weapons designer who would help you move house?

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Joygernaut: The Play

What is this all for?

  • The Survey

    I’m trying to get an honest picture of what people think and feel about kindness.

  • The Stories

    I am gathering real-life stories of both kindness and cruelty. I’m doing this through in-person interviews, workshops, social media, and online submissions.

  • The Experts

    I’m finding out what the experts in kindness say. The biologists, sociologists, psychologists. Science types.

  • The Play

    An interactive, one-person show exploring kindness, cruelty, how each affects people, and our ability to choose.

What is Joygernaut?

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Tell me your real-life stories of kindness

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